Well hello there little blog.

Is this thing on?!?! They tell me this is a blog and although it looks different than wordpress circa 2009, I’ll take their word on it! 

I started a blog back in 2009 and enjoyed every bit of it. I documented my pregnancy and moving out west.  It was fun for a season and helped “possibly” three readers (mom and my 2 sisters) keep up with our lives.  It’s since been deleted, for good reason, but I’ve found myself needing a landing page for our jewelry business. I spend most of my time connecting with customers on social media, but as we seek to be more than a business but also an added value to your daily lives, we think this will be fun place to land. 

I hope this will be a bright spot! Grab some links, hear a little heart from time to time and find out the latest trends from our viewpoint. We’ll keep it short and sweet most of the time, but we hope you will join us in enjoying the journey here at Epp & Co. 


XO, Jessica